Monday, January 2, 2012

E-Mail #55: We taught LOTS! We had 5 people go to church!!!

Whats up Momma!

Wow what a crazy GOOD week! This whole training thing is a big deal! Its a little different than I thought! But its fun! Elder Xaltepec (Shaltepec) is a good kid. He doesnt talk that much. Yesterday he cried a little bit. He is stressed cause he doesnt think he knows enough info to teach or talk to people. Haha! I gave him a little bit of my testimony about that one. He'll be alright tho! I really miss Elder Palacios. Life goes on.

This week was really good! We taught LOTS! We had 5 people go to church!!! We had to speak in church on sunday. The 2nd counselor told us saturday night that he needed us to speak. No biggie. My talks now are all free talk. Maybe I can do it when I get back in english...probably not haha! This week I had a super cool experience. Tuesday night we taught a lady and her husband about the sabbath day. We gave her Mosiah 13 to read for her homework. We went back the next day. She said she read but that she was mad. Because it says you cant have false images. She said "I believe in the virgin. I have soooo much faith in her" I told her well sister it says right here in YOUR bible, that you cant have them. She said I just cant let her go. I told her to pray about it. So the next morning in my personal study, I started with a prayer and asked for some help to find a scripture about the virgin! Haha! ...i didnt find one! I read Mosiah 3. I was sharing what I read in the morning with my companion, like every morning. There is a scripture that talks about repenting and having faith. Because nobody can save children caus there already saved. So.... we went back the next day. I shared a scripture from 3 nephi that just says you can only pray to god in the name of christ. She didnt get it yet. But then! It came to my mind that scripture in mosiah 3. The sister started to cry and said im confused. Because it makes sense to me that we need to be babtized NOT as children. I told her that the spirt is telling you that this is true! I shared my experience with her. It was so cool!!! She came to church for the first time on sunday! She has known the missionaries for 3 months and has NEVER went! I learned a lot that day! That we can receive revelations. I used to not really believe in that stuff! But its true! It was cool!

New Years was good! I bought fire works and chucho and enrique and me lit some off!! We had to be in the house at 8 in the night time. There was a fight outside of our house. Some guy got his hand cut off with a machete! Haha CRAZY!!!

Football!!!! I want the ravens to win the super bowl. That sucks that the freaken broncos are still going! For the first time in my life I want the steelers to win! Haha! Good ol dolphins. Tell bryan congrats! Haha!

So I guess im only like 15 min from my first area in Puerto Morelos. The Xooc familia are coming to visit me tomorrow! Im soo excited!!!!

We have lots of people to teach right now. Im very grateful! :)

I miss steak! Itailian food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is none here!ª!!!!! Other than those 2 things Im good!ª O and monster! Cant wait to drink one with you on the beach here in cancun! :)

I gotta go! Love ya!!!

All "Chargered" up

with my socks, tie, and football.

A true miracle

Chad singing.......

Christmas tree in Merida

I was Santa .....

Passing out Book of Mormons

on the street

It was so hot.....

I melted

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