Monday, January 9, 2012

E-mail #56: Fabian got babtized on Oct 30, 2011.

I saw the paper this morning! I was pretty pissed that Broncos beat the steelers! Sounded like a good game!!! Ugh!!!! I hate the Broncos!!! I want the super bowl to be Ravens and Giants! :) That would be good!

We had 2 people come to church this Sunday. An old guy that knows how to speak English. He lived in Cali and Texas. He is a Mechanic. He is a really cool old guy. Chucho and Enrique are teenagers in my Branch. Chucho is a convert of Palacios. Their good kids! They come to appointments with us all the time! I love them. Chucho has a sister that is pretty cute. But thats a no no HAHA! We also had a friend of Enrique that we're teaching come to church. He is progressing really well. He has a date to be babtized on the 28th. The work is going good! Elder Xaltepec is doing good too. Its a lil hard for him. He needs to have more confidence in himself. He thinks he doesnt know anything. Then he freezes up and dosnt know what to say. Were learning though. I think I need to be more strict with him. But you know me Im not like that. Im going to try to me a lilttle more strict. He is also having a hard time sleeping in his hammock. I feel kinda bad for him LOl!

Today Im sending off letters for Grandmas and Tom and Uncle Jimmy and Haji. I need some money to get my shoes re done. There falling apart. It cost like 150 peso ($15-$20) Im gonna do 2 pairs. My brown and my black. Please send some money. That 20 bucks from Kirby and Kathy will work :)

So I have a change of plans....
The Xoocs came to visit me. Ugh! It was sooo nice. They love me!!! :) Fabian got babtized on Oct 30, 2011. They are going to the temple Oct 30, 2012. The day that Im supposed to go home is 19 of October. I really want to go to the sealing. Fabian told me that when the missionaries asked who he wanted to babtize him, he said Elder Mayberry. But the elders said I was to far. I think I could have gotten permission from Pres to go babtize him. But they didnt even try! :( But they are going to the temple in Oct. So what I was thinking is if I come home first. Which would be cool to do the whole airport thing. Then come back with you, me, and dad. We'll go to all my areas and go to the temple with the Xoocs. Tell me what you think. I REALLYYYYY want to go to this sealing! :) So I learned alot tho. That really Im not here to babtize. Im here to change lives. I changed Fabians life. Because I was who I was and loved him. The gospel is true. But it works when it wants to not when we want it to.

Ahh Momma. Your wonderful! Thats why everyone loves me. Its because they love you first! Just keep that smile on and work hard. There are people here that would die to have your job! Your lucky that you have one. Be happy. You make a differnce in there lives. Pretty soon, all these kids will be graduating high schiool. Crzy! Dont worry Be happy! Or as missionaries say. Be happy be mormon. :) I love ya lots momma! I am thinking about how much time I have left. Thats not good. I still have so much time left! But before you know it I'll be home :) Let me know what you and dad think about me coming home first and then us coming back.. :) Love ya Mom

Love, MO

Fabian and me

The Xooc's

We helped someone move some dirt.

They were like...

The White boy can work !!!


one of our investigators

A note from Mom:
Now that is really something. Fabian is the son in law of the Xooc family -- which was Chad's first area. I pulled this up from our first phone call in December 2010.

* The Xooc family that he spoke about -- the son in law, father of the 7 year old, has been investigating the church since the girl was born. But - he has not liked the way the missionaries push him. So - Chad told him that he just wanted to be his friend, didn't care if he set a baptism date, just wanted to help him and his family. The guy really likes Chad, and wants him to teach him. Chad told Elder Ortiz that they are going to have to try a different approach with him. This is perfect for him. I can't wait to see what happens.

Later Chad wrote that Fabian wasn't interested in the gospel -- but they were still friends and he really loved him. Chad's style made a difference with this guy -- and that is REALLY cool !!Love it Love it Love it !!!


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  1. Chad someday when you read this I want you to know how proud your Aunt Diana is of you. I have kept up on your mission through this blog you momma has kept for you. I have watched you grow and become an awesome missionary. I am very proud of you!! Love you tons! Aunt Diana