Monday, February 6, 2012

E-Mail #60: I messed everything all up. Over a stupid fight! I got sent to Cancun. In the city.

Ugh! It was a hard week. So last Monday, Enrique came with us to District meeting. Then he came home with us. We took the van. Its a big van that holds like 12 people. So we were jammed in there. Enrique and I were messing around like always. Like hitting each other and stuff. Just fooling around. Then I told him ok. Thats enough, I want to go to sleep. Because its 45 mins. But he didnt. I asked him again. Then he did it again. So I hit him. I meant to hit him in the chest but I hit him in the face. It was a good little knock to the face. I felt really bad because he is my friend. And because I need to be a good example for Elder Xaltepec. So Enrique was a little upset. I talked to him the next day. I said I was sorry. He accepted. His eye was a littlre black. Then Tuesday we went to Cancun. Xaltepec had a conference. Wednesday was the conference. He talked to President in a private interview. Then after on the way home I asked if everything was alright. He said yea and I asked what they talked about and he said what happened on Monday. I was really sad that he didnt feel like he could talk to me. He just went straight to Prez. I understand why, but its hard. So... this whole week we worked. Then yesterday I got a call from Prez at like 4. He asked me what happened. I told him everything. Then he said "Well Elder, There is consecuencas for everything. Tommorrow you will be leaving leona Vicario and you will be the Junior Companion." Ugh! Im a mess right now mom. I loved Leona Vicario soooooo much! The people were so great and I messed everything all up. Over a stupid fight! I left Amalia, Federico, Rossy (Who is like Fabian in Puerto Morelos but I was working slowly with her) and Ana. I love them so much. But I left, I got sent to Cancun. In the city. My companion is Elder Villanueva. He has almost a year in the mission. Im a mess. Everybody last night was crying. Everbody wrote in my Journal. I read it today. I cried. Its so hard. Elder Xaltepec thinks its his fault. He cried ALOT! Ugh! Its so hard mom. I feel so stupid! Like an idiot! Amailia is supposed to get babtizeed this saturday. im gonna ask if I can go to Leona to babtize her. Or maybe she can come here. I dont know. I just have to stay positive. Learn from my mistakes and work my way back up. Ugh!!! My freaken birthday is on Monday. Everybody has plans for me and a party. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! O well. I just need to be happy! Think about the blessings that I have.

On a good note... the giants won :) Thats good. Ill be home for the next one. So that You and I can watch it and be a little more excited. and I cant wait to go to the Temple.

Hermano Omar is going to ask permission so that I can go to his sealing. Im excited. Who knows what Prez is gonna say. Well I have to go I didnt have too much time to write because I had to clean my house. It was the grossest house I have had so far in my mission. I love ya lots mom and cant tell you how much I miss ya right now. Tell Dad I love him and miss him. Also Binny. Talk to ya next week Love ya

Love, Mo


A note from Mom:

Well, I really don't know what to say about that. Poor thing. I feel horrible for him. But, yes - everything does have a consequence. Chad needs to understand that. Knowing Chad the way I do -- I'm sure he was feeling very comfortable -- maybe too much. This will certainly be a humbling experience for him. Everyone please keep him in your prayers.


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