Monday, February 13, 2012

E-mail #61: There are good people everywhere. No matter where you go.

Whats up Mama

So I’m doing a lot better. There are good people everywhere. No matter where you go. There are people that are going to love you. The city is good. It’s good, but different. My area is big. It’s like my 2nd area ,Madero. My companion is ok. A little weird. But I like him. I feel like I do everything. He is the senior companion and District leader. But it’s ok. He told me…. I have never had a companion that takes the responsibility. So were doing good. We’re teaching a blind guy her in Cancun. He is cool. There is some good investigators. Ill like it here I think.

So I called Prez on Wednesday to ask permission if I could go to Leona on Saturday to baptize Amaila. Because, she wanted me to baptize her. I told her if I’m close, I’ll try to come. So I asked Prez and he said yes. So Saturday we went to Leona for a few hours. The baptism was ok. Wasn’t the best…because I didn’t get to plan it. But it was still beautiful. I had to dunk her twice because the first time she didn’t want to go down. But the second time was good. It felt good to be in water haha! I’m very grateful for Prez and for the opportunity to go there. After the baptism we ate Mole. It’s that chocolate sauce. With chicken. It was good. Then we went to eat with Doña Berta and all my friends. They bought a cake and surprised me. There good people. I really miss them. But my work is here now. I feel better that I got to baptize Amalia. I would love to baptize Ana. But it’s kind of far away. But it was really nice to go back. I can’t wait till we go back in October.

Thanks for the scripture in 2 Nephi. It was really good!!! I like it and the story. I know it’s true.

Today were going to the “Parrilla". It’s a nice restaurant. Chucho and Sugey´s dad work there so were going to eat there today. I’m excited. I love those people in Leona. I’ll take lots of Pics.

So, I don’t know what to do about my shoes. They’re telling me they can’t find size 12 soles. For the bottom. I think I’m going to have to buy a pair of shoes. They're like 60 bucks. I’m going to look today. We’ll see what happens.

Well Momma. I love ya soooo much! The time is going by so fast! Today I have 16 months!!!! 8 months to go!!! Tell Dad I love him. And also Binny!

Love, MO

Baptism of Amelia

February 11, 2012

Elder Xaltapec, Frederico, and me

The birthday tradition
Smashing the cake in the face

Enrique and Me
Birthday luncheon

These are called Panuchos

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