Monday, February 20, 2012

E-Mail #62: It was another good week here in Cancun.

What’s up Mamma?

It was another good week here in Cancun. It’s weird to say that. But ya it was good. I had an interview with President. It was a good interview. I’m reading the Miracle of Forgiveness. IN SPANISH! Crazy! But it’s good. We had a zone conference. Remember when we did the David and Goliath story. Well he did it again but with the story of Ammon. How he cut all the guys arms off. So were doing it again. All of our faults. We have to do them for 30 days straight. Im excited. It’s hard! But it’s good. Other than that, the work is good. There are lots of people here to teach. My companion is good. I feel like I’m doing all the work. Which is fine. I like Cancun. I saw the Xooc family on Saturday. There doing good. Fabian is the new Ward mission Leader! I’m so happy for him. Can’t wait to come back!!!

So I heard all about Kenna. TWO boys asking her to Prom!!! UGH! I wish I was home. Haha! She asked me for some advice. I like that. She is a good girl. I hope she learned everything from me. What NOT to do. Haha! This guy sounds like a good guy. I just told her to be careful and to be smart.

Well Moma I love you!!! Miss ya lots!!!

Love, MO

Chicken feet

They eat the whole thing here.....

McDonald's ice cream

Taking a nap ....

at the grocery store

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