Monday, February 27, 2012

E-Mail #63: Yesterday was hard. Four investigators didn’t come to church.

Hey Mama!

Well this week was ok. Not much happened. We had divisions with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Parrish. He is from AZ, the best friend of Sam. We had a good time. I learned a lot from him! It was fun. Then we had a sleep over with Elder Parrish and his companion, Elder Villanueva and me. Good times. We bought crappy pizza. Yesterday was hard. Four investigators didn’t come to church, two of the most important ones. We were going to baptize Adela on Friday. She is 14 and her whole family is members but she just hasn’t felt that it is true yet. But we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she liked it and told us she wants to. So we put the date for this Friday. BUT she has to go to church three times. She didn’t. So now she can’t get baptized until the 9 of March. We were also going to baptize Crystobol on Saturday. He is the blind guy. His kids got baptized like five months ago. But we taught the Law of Tithing and he doesn’t want to pay his tithing because he doesn’t work, but he receives money from the government. He said he didn’t go to church because he slept in. But we think it’s because of the tithing. Then we passed by yesterday and he said that he just doesn’t feel ready. That he needs to learn more. So it sucks! It’s hard because he can’t read the Book of Mormon. So, he doesn’t have a testimony of it. So we are going to try to find disks of the BOM. The other two people didn’t come because they were sleeping. Ugh! I hate it when that happens. Drives me crazy! But, Ingrid came to church. She is the 2o year old that has two kids. Her husband is 37!!! Yea! Haha! She is progressing well. It’s just that NOBODY in Cancun is married!!! So we have to start all the paperwork to get them married. We started talking with her husband to. That was cool. He is a really good guy. Looks like he is 26, but is good. Were teaching a girl that is ten years old. She came to church. Her name is Sheyrlie. She is going to get baptized on March 9.

Other than that I’m good. My companion is very “DRY” He is boring. He is making me not excited. So it’s hard to be the one to do everything and get everything working the way it should be. I just don’t get any of the credit, because he is the District Leader and Senior Companion. But I know this makes me better. I know why I’m here. I’m good.

I haven’t gotten my Birthday package. It’s the crappy part of being outside of Merida. Who knows when I will get it. It sucks. Send me some SHOE SOLES, SHIRTS (LIKE THE ONE YOU SENT BEFORE, THE SHORT SLEEVE) CD´S (Church music but like with guitars) That’s about it I don’t need anything else. New pics of the family. I love to see pics. Also, to have the pics to show everyone. O! I know what you can get. If you can find a memory stick. Like a 8gb memory stick. That would be great!!!!

So Cancun is NOTHING what you think. It’s the city. Its Mexico. Haha! Im far from the beach. Im far from anything. Its just the city part. But I like it. The people are cool. Youll see when we come back (Cant wait!!!)

Anyway Mama, gotta go. Love ya! Have a good week! Tell the old man that I want a letter and from Binny too!

I was sick this week.

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