Monday, March 5, 2012

E-Mail #64: Something cool that happened. How great was this man's faith

Whats up Mamma

So this week we only had 2 people come to church! Crappy! We need to do something different to help people come to church. If we have a miracle, were going to babtise "Adela" this week. Villanueva and I have LOTS of faith. Were tryin our best with this girl. Well see what happens :) Next week we should have 2 babtisms. We have lots of people. Something cool that happened. To marry people here in Cancun you have to first have a form that says they're not married already. This form cost $220 pesos ($20 bucks) and you can only get it in Chetumal. A city that is in the Northern part of Quintana Roo. So Jaime and Pablo. A couple that we're teaching have been saying. "we dont have the money." He just got paid and still said I dont have the money. So turns out the Elders in Chetumal PAID for the form. It got here during the week. So we went to Jamie and Pablo and told Pablo ...well...we need the money. He said ok. Gave us $220. The best part is the he willigly gave it to us. He counted out his money and said well here is the money for my buses for this week and for next week. Ill be fine. We were like You sure? He said yea I have faith that the Lord will help us. So that same night we get a call from Chetumal. They said it turns out it only cost $109 pesos ($10 bucks)!!! Were so excited! How great was this man's faith :))) Pretty cool....but the crappy part is that they didnt go to church :( But were working on that part.

So yesterday we ate with Hermano Xooc´s sister. The whole family came to eat with us. Fabian and his wife. His 2 kids and bro and sis xooc. It was great! We were there for like 4 hours. Just talking. Its soooo great to see how the gospel changes lives. Fabian is still the same, its just now he doesnt drink :) I love him. We sat outside and talked about how when he made the chice to get babtized. We talked a little bit about the temple. Im going to be his guide when he goes through!!! Im so excited!


That all sounds really good. With the dates. I will right a note to the xoocs. For November 10. The wedding. :)))

*Were NOT going to eat crappy hotel food. Haha Maybe in the mornings. But for lunch and dinner everyone is going to want to give us food. Like EVERYONE. its how the mexicans do it. Just for breakfast.

*YES Car is a good idea. Its just like driving in Phoenix. Haha! Its fine.

*I think it should be Saturday Nov 3 to Tuesday the 6. En cancun. Wednesday is Chichen Itza. Thursday, Friday, Saturday Merida.

*Im gonna talk to my people here. But I NEED dates!!! Then Ill talk to everyone and see what we can do. Everything is going to be free. We wont spend too much here on food. Just gas, hotel, junk.

Well Mama got go. Love ya lots! The time just keeps going by!!! :) I love ya lots

Love, MO

Chad's Birthday cake

Pancake style

My 21st Birthday

only 1 1/2 months late

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