Monday, March 19, 2012

E-Mail #66: I got changed again!!!

So, I got changed again!!! Im still in Cancun but now Im in a different area called Kukulcan. Its the smallest area here in Cancun. Im the senior companion again. That makes me feel better :) It was just my punishment -- but I learned alot!!! I have to be a good boy these last 6 months. My new companion is Elder Asencio. I know him a little bit. He is a good guy. He has like 6 months in the mission. So we'll see how things go. I only have 4 transfers left! Crazy how fast the time flies!!!!

Enrique came to my ward yesterday! :) I love that guy. He has not gotten his call yet. Probably this week! :))) He is really nervous. We talked the whole hour in Priesthood. I told him he NEEDS to go to the temple ASAP!!! Thats what helped me. He is doing good though! :)

Kenna! Ugh! I so wish I was there. It makes me sad to read her letters. I just wish I could be there for her. Or just send her a text or something small. Its hard, but 6 more months!!!!!

So, Im offically in Cancun for Spring Break!!! Haha! Crazy!!! We babtized Shirley. She is a little 10 year old girl. She is soooo cool! I wanted to babtize her but my companion is ..... well! Its over now. She got babtized :)

Sorry my letter is small. I got to go. Love ya! Have a good spring break!

Love, MO

Baptism of Shirley

March 26, 2012

Me making Pozol

Power shake with corn and chocolate

Elders Ramos, Mozingo, Bradford

Villanueva, me, and Gonzales

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