Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Email #95:

Whats up Mama!

Wow! 8 days!!!! Wow! Cant believe it went so fast!!! Its soo hard to keep working! For realz! This week we didnt have too much sucess. I dont know whats going on with the investigators. Veronica has to get divored then get married then she can get babtized. Juan doesnt really want anything. But Cessy is doing sooo good! She went to all the sessions of conference and loved it! She is great! We had a really good time at conference. I learned alot about what I have to do after the mission. The priesthood session was sweet!!! I loved it!!! Well not much to say! But I love ya! Cant wait to see ya!!!

Love, MO
Note from Mom:

Really?????  That's what I get.  I know --  he's tired.  He's busy.  He's .....  But, a little more would be nice.  But, I understand.  I hardly want to email him.  I JUST WANT HIM HOME !!  Next week at this time he will probably be in the Mission Home with his final preparations, and I'm sure I will be DYING !!!  Cannot wait. 


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  1. Hey Mayberrys! I'm Donna Johnson and I have been following Elder Mayberry's blog the entire two years! My son just came home yesterday from Alaska.
    We know the Mackey family and Chad's blog address was on the back of the program at church. We are waiting for David Mackey to get home too! Congrats to Elder Mayberry and congrats to you too!